Appointment of Bruce Ozga as the College’s Vice President of Culinary Education

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Dr. David N. Pugh Named President of Helms College

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Federal Unemployment benefits expiring soon.

Goodwill Job Connection Career Centers Ready to Assist with Re-Entry into Workforce People who have been receiving pandemic unemployment benefits are facing a substantial decrease in income when weekly $600 payments from the federal government come to an end later this month. That is about a 64 percent reduction for those receiving the maximum benefit, […]

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Empanadas!

The Crazy Empanada

Chef entrepreneur Aracelis Hernandez usually spends a lot of time in the spring at her booth at the Augusta Market. But with the COVID-19 pandemic delaying the opening of the market, Hernandez found herself without a significant revenue source or a place to create and serve her Latin fusion cuisine.

Culinary Arts Classes: Tips for Success

As you begin your journey to a culinary arts education, it’s important to have a plan to maximize your experience in every class. Helms College is committed to providing students the knowledge, skills and experiential learning they need for a successful career—and when students invest in their own education as well, the returns are endless. […]

In my wildest dreams…

If you would have asked me a few months ago would I consider working in a commercial kitchen at the Masters Golf Tournament, I would have said NO WAY!! My husband and I have attended the prestigious event many times over the years, but never once did we consider what went on behind the scenes. […]

Exploring a New Career Horizon: Why You Should Become a Chef

Culinary Arts

Does the kitchen feel like home to you? Do you love the energy and the organized chaos of everything and everyone working together?  Do you feel the kitchen is right where you belong?   They say a chef’s job involves a lot of discipline, hard work and patience. It does.  But if you are a […]

Digging Deeper: What is a Medical Assistant

Healthcare Professionals- 2 Nurses and 1 Doctor

More and more people seek medical help every day–the demand is just inevitably unstoppable. With that, the healthcare industry is also accelerating at a rapid speed. Find out what a medical assistant is and consider taking a training program to jump start your medical career today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment […]